Monday, April 30, 2007

My Poor Doggie Slipper!

My poor doggie!

I used a new shampoo on him with melaleuca oil and it gave him such a rash!!

He's so sensitive! I think Golden Retrievers in general have issues, but he takes the cake! He's allergic to so many things!

We love him so much! He's a great dog. He doesn't bark, not even to save his life! He always "goes" in the same spot, he eats at the same time and he's able to communicate with us humans just through his eyes! He's amazing! He's actually more like a big cat! Meow!

I guess I'll have to go back to the oatmeal brand of doggie shampoo!

I'll be sharing other stories about Slipper in the future. I just love him!

Ciao For Now!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Are YOU an Eco-Convert?

What’s That You Say?

I’m sure like, me, many of you are very conscious around Earth Day, but what about REALLY going Green? I know I’m guilty of that. But for some reason I’m just having a bit of a hard time with it!

But this time it’s going to be different! I promise! Really, I’ve already done some things I think will help me to stay on track and actually use!

So, I’ll start with an excerpt on my efforts:

I watched the Oprah show about Going Green and got a few tips from there about new things that have come out to make it easier to convert.

I bought 4 Powerstrips that will shut everything off with one button. I got them at Target for $9.99. I didn’t buy the super expensive ones Oprah recommends, but then again, we can’t all afford what she can either, right?

Then, I bought some new energy saving light bulbs for the most used lights in our house. It would have been way too expensive to switch all of them! (we counted 83 in total!)

I bought canvas bags to replace the paper and plastic at the stores. This one was the best deal so far! I got the best priced, best quality canvas shopping bags on ebay! 10 for $35!

Ok, I did buy one thing that Oprah has. I did switch to Oprah’s favorite non-toxic cleaners from Shaklee. It’s true, you really only use a few drops in a sprayer of the H2 cleaning solution for everything! This stuff will last and last. I like to double the strength so the $10 bottle (discount for members) so that’s only going to make a measly 24 gallons! I’m a little funny but, I like cute packaging and good smelling or non-smelling cleaners, so this was another aspect of it that I liked!

For recycling, I bought a plastic, three drawer storage chest with wheels for my kitchen. That way it looks like I've only got one garbage can. I use an old rubbermaid bowl and lid for my banana peels, coffee grounds, etc. (fyi: DO NOT use those for food anymore!!)

So what are you doing to make it easier to convert?

Please share!

jjkadaba (google it)
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