Monday, May 7, 2007

Is Mineral Makeup Safer?

I've been using mineral based makeup for years because I thought it was safer than the other liquid based ones. I was suprised when I read the article from the

Here's part of the article:

Ask EWG: Is mineral-based make-up safer?
Question: Is mineral-based make-up safer for you than make-up bought at drug stores or department stores? Most of the mineral-based make-up contains titanium dioxide and/or silica, and some contain iron of some type. Is this okay for your skin? I am wondering how such make-up is absorbed into the body, too!
Answer: Like all cosmetics, mineral-based products raise more questions about their safety than answers. Many mineral-based make-ups contain (or potentially contain) nano-size ingredients, which are 10 to 1,000 times smaller than their normally-sized counterparts and are more likely to be absorbed into the body through the skin because they're so small. (
See EWG's research on nano-materials.)
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So what's your opinon? What makeup do you use?


  1. MAKEUP?!! hmmmmm.....I never really did try a Mineral Makeup but than again I never was really big about makeup. Little mascara, eyeliner, little eyeshadows here and there but never really thought of makeup HOW bad it can be for you and your skin?! Very interesting and thank you Jo-Ann for the info!

  2. AngryToxicologistMay 10, 2007 at 9:08 AM

    I'll title this comment 'When bad projects happen to good organizations'. I saw the question on enviroblog (which I like and have blogrolled) a while back and was going to comment but never got the time. I should found some, but I'll just do it here.

    1) The NCTR study injected the nanoparticle UNDER the skin. So
    unless you're planning on injecting your sunscreen...

    AND it wasn't toxic, it just went into the lymphatic system, which is exactly what you would want to happen to a foreign subsance so it could be subsequently dumped in the blood stream and excreted. AND it wasn't any of the ingredients that are used in cosmetics anyway.

    2) Silica is sand. Like the beach. And iron oxide? Rust? Really? Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are the most scary in terms of toxicity, but they don't get absorbed.

    3) There should be questions asked about what testing is required but the possible risks from any of these mineral-based items are much less than probable risks from the synthetics.

    So the answer should be, "Yes, they are likely to be more safe, but we don't know everything"

    You're friendly neighborblog toxicologist,
    Angry Toxicologist.

  3. I definitely think there are two sides to every study.

    I really do like my mineral makeup from bare minerals. I was hoping that the spf factor of minerals far outweighed the bad effects of their use.

    I'm still using bare minerals makeup as I think it's the best for what's out there. The only way to avoid any possible effects is not to wear any at all. Then you'll have to wear sunscreen and that's a whole new post isn't it!?


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