Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pesticides and Pledging To STAY GREEN!

Today, as I sit at my computer looking out into the canal, palm trees swaying, the neighbor's NEUROTOXIN AGENT COMES A'SPRAYIN'!

Well! As I had to close up the windows and doors, bring in the dog and wait for the *&^$ to dry before inhaling again, I wondered what is there for us to do.

I know a few floridians who have issues with pests and there's just no other way, or is there?

I started searching...

I went to a cute website of child activists! http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org/index_high.html

From there I found:

Here's a little of it:

For ants, you can sprinkle red chili powder, paprika or dried peppermint where the ants are entering. You can also apply peppermint essential oil. For pet food that is stored outside, place the bowl of food inside a bowl of soapy water so that your pet can still reach the food. Ants aren’t very good swimmers, and won’t cross the bowl of soapy water!

For fleas, feed your pet brewer’s yeast. Simply mix powder into food. Or you can feed your pet brewer’s yeast tablets.

Borax can be used to control or eliminate ants, termites, lice, fleas, spiders and roaches. Mop or spray floors wherever you see pests. However, Borax is poisonous when ingested, so store and use properly.

Natural soaps can be used to control ants and fleas. Mix 4 ounces of a natural soap in 1 gallon of water and spray as needed. You can sprinkle powdered soap around the foundation of a home to keep ants out.

If you want to sign one of these pledges, go to: http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org/askadults.htm
I just love it! Kids are getting the boost they needs to take responsibility for their own generation already! I'm so proud!

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