Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer Safety-Skin Care

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I thought this article was important with Summer coming. The rest of the article can be found at the link below.
I like the new spray on sunscreens from Banana Boat which apparently aren't the best and they also do animal testing. It looks like Burts Bees is a good one. It's rating is 2 and Banana Boat is 5. I'll try it.


Dear Friends,
Today we are releasing a dramatically expanded and improved version of our popular cosmetics and personal care products database, Skin Deep. The site has been redesigned top to bottom, and we've added ratings for nearly 10,000 more products.

Now in its fourth year and third major update, our
Skin Deep product safety database provides safety ratings for nearly 25,000 personal care products - almost a quarter of all products on the market - and the 7,000 ingredients they contain. Due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products. Even worse, the government does not require pre-market safety tests for any of them. Our aim is to fill in where companies and the government left off.

Skin Deep is the only tool available to consumers to assess and compare the safety of personal care products.

Looking for safer sunscreen to protect the kids this summer? Or shampoos without dangerous preservatives? Skin Deep helps you learn what not to buy, and helps you find safer options for you and your family.

Go To to find out more!

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