Saturday, May 26, 2007

Unilever, the World's Largest Tea Company, Commits to Rainforest Alliance Certification

It just makes me so happy to see our world changing! The demand for environmental responsibility WILL prevail and Earth shall be saved! Not to mention mankind!

Unilever, the world's largest tea company, has announced plans to source its entire tea supply sustainably, starting with the certification of its tea producers in East Africa, to Rainforest Alliance standards.
The news also signals the Rainforest Alliance's move into certifying tea farms in addition to its long-established
programs in coffee, cocoa, bananas and other crops; sustainable forestry, and tourism.

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  1. But, JoAnn... *greenwashing* is not quite the same as the world changing, and Earth being saved. What about looking into it a bit closer?

  2. henrichris, my statements of elation are generalized based on the overall tone of the article. I'm not a news journalist, so I won't be delving into the facts or political commentaries. That's why there's a link to the article. Of course something like this could be scrutinized to the point of finding fault and focusing upon that, but that was not the point. Thank you for your input.


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