Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ban On Kleenex, Cottonelle, Scott Products

I saw several articles back in February about this issue, but I don't think anyone's really continuing the ban.

I vowed to be an ECO-CONVERT so I could make a difference and not give in to consumerism and give up on my quest to do my part.

I'm linking an article at the NRDC website for you to see.......

Giant paper producers including Kimberly-Clark -- the maker of Scott, Cottonelle, Kleenex and Viva tissue paper products -- are forcing the destruction of our continent's most vibrant forests, and devastating the habitat for countless wildlife species in the process.

Instead of making better use of materials such as post-consumer recycled fiber and agricultural residue to meet the escalating demand for toilet paper, paper towels and other disposable tissue products, these companies buy virgin pulp from suppliers that reach deep into North American forests for timber, from northern Canada to the southeastern United States.

To help halt this destruction, NRDC and other conservation groups are pressuring the tissue products industry to change its practices and educating consumers about the choices they have when buying tissue paper products.

........Until Kimberly-Clark and other tissue paper manufacturers end their dependence on virgin fiber, North America's most ecologically rich forests will continue to be destroyed for paper throwaways.

Read the entire article and see the video clips here:

Saturday, June 2, 2007

USPS Goes Green!

Not only are the USPS going Green, they're asking us to do it too. The USPS delivers around 500 million Priority and Express packages per year. That's a lot of trees, but these are made from 100% recycled material according to Postal Service spokeswoman Joanne Veto.

In the Bloomberg News May. 30, 2007 The U.S. Postal Service is requiring vendors to use environmentally friendly materials to create envelopes and packages that carry 500 million Priority and Express mail shipments annually. Packaging-products suppliers including Bell Inc. must use materials that can be recycled and won't harm the environment, Postmaster General John Potter said in an interview. The changes apply to 10 direct suppliers and 200 makers of products such as glue, ink and paper."We wanted to get to the point where everything was recyclable, where it wasn't going to cause any damage to the ozone layer," Potter said. He is scheduled to discuss the changes at a Washington press conference today.

How about, whenever we request something shipped to us, we start asking the question...."do you use recycled materials in your packaging?"

It's up to us to demand change or else we'll never see it. The world revolves on supply and demand. If we demand it, they'll supply it!
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