Monday, July 16, 2007

Can You Feed Yourself?

I was just checking the top Digg's at and saw someone posted an article about this. My husband and I were just talking about this the day before yesterday. We looked around the hills here in California and were stunned to think how many people would suffer if there was an emergency for food and water.

No one has more than a few days supply of food and water, if that. Most people live in ignorance that it's all ok, it'll never happen to me.
But what's become of our natural instinct of survival?
Our natural instincts have been suppressed to the point that our government has full control over what we eat, drink and spend. (cashless society is coming-you've seen the commercials, right?) Ok, enough consipiracy stuff.
It's just common sense to have your butt covered in an emergency. So what's stopping you from just stockpiling some supplies for a few more weeks?

Nearly everyone in America has gone camping at least once in their lives. So you know how to survive at least a weekend with proper planning. So keep your camping supplies well stocked and in an easily accessible place. Go to for tons of great information on how to keep the cost down and get your camping gear and supplies for a lot less than just going to buy it somewhere.
There are a lot of fantastic resources to make sure you're prepared. Don't let another week go by without doing this!

Spread the word! You wouldn't believe how many people I talk to just aren't even able to implement action to these words.

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