Friday, August 10, 2007

Shaklee Convention Announcements

News From Shaklee Nashville Convention!

New Products-Vitalizer - the newest nutrition program from Shaklee.
This replaces all the original Shaklee Basics kits and comes in three specific combinations. With Iron, without Iron, and for people over 50 years of age. It contains a whole new combination of products. Just once a day!

Incentive Program: The 2008 incentive program will be taking its winners to the big Island of Hawaii. This is a point system for distributors to earn. This will stay as the way to earn all Shaklee incentives.

Next Years Convention Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only is Shaklee helping to bring conventions back to New Orleans but they have a special program going to help out the people of New Orleans. Shaklee is very involved in the area.

Other News: Harry is the newest arrival from Roger and Sloan Barnett. A good looking boy with a full head of dark hair! Spencer is teaching his baby brother how to do the "number 1" sign already. Thank you Rosalie for the update!
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