Monday, September 24, 2007

Building Green TV Features Shaklee!

Shaklee just featured on BuildingGreenTV!

Building Green isn't over when the keys are handed to the new homeowners. No, it's a lifestyle change for a healthier home and planet.

Watch the clip! Then go to and convert your home today!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Environmentally Sustainable Gifts For Celebs At The Emmys Courtesy Of Shaklee Corporation

The 59th Annual Emmys Awards on Sunday September 16th was as glamourous an event as ever. Shimmering gowns and celebrities donned thier best on the red carpet.
As I watch, I always ponder what's in those gift bags that the celebrities get? I know someone from Shaklee went to the Emmy's, but why? Hmmm.... Are those celebs are getting some gifts from Shaklee? I found this in an article online:

Environmentally sustainable products were featured in the "green suite" where celebrities lounge with the media and browse the top brands, spa services, beauty products, one-of-a-kind jewelers, Celeb Pet Portraits, Eco-Friendly products from Shaklee.

I guess it's true! Once Oprah says she thinks something is "amazing" on live television, it's going to have the butterfly effect all over hollywood and the world. As Forbes magazine calls her "The most influencial person in the world" everyone follow suite.

Trying to help save the planet while having an opportunity to help others to succeed in their financial independence is truly what drives us leaders in this business! We want to change the way consumers think and act. Cast your vote for eco friendly products that benefit, you, your home and your planet too!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

11th Hour Action Now! The Three R's of eco friendly living aren't enough!

Go see The 11th Hour with Leonardo DiCaprio! Take a friend or TEN!

Global Warming, pollution, toxic waterways (and bodies) aren't going to budge with the non chalant, laid back version of eco friendly recyclers! Eco converts must committ to changing our ways AND we must committ to TELL everyone to do it too!

There's one more simple thing that we can add to our routines to help:

Simply go under your sink and throw away all of your toxic cleaning products! has the products that Eco Converts LOVE! No more toxic sludge going into our waterways and our bodies. These products were featured on the Oprah Show, Good Morning America, in countless magazines! The all purpose cleaner is superconcentrated—one 16 ounce bottle diluted per label instructions makes 5800 28-oz. bottles of ready-to-use window cleaner, costs less than $0.01 per bottle, and is just as effective as leading brands!

Come learn how buying just one Starter Kit can eliminate 108 pounds of landfill waste, 248 pounds of greenhouse gasses and it's the environmental equivalent of planting 10 trees!

Join in on the cause! It's the 11th Hour so make your VOTE count! Vote for friendlier products that come from corporations willing to make a difference in these times! Just look at our track record:

Click here to see what else our company is doing to better our world!

Do you want to take action now? Or wait until our children are taking showers with wet naps?
Go and see it today!!!!

Click here to see the YouTube video of Leo DiCaprio's message on The 11th Hour

Click here to see the Trailer for The 11th Hour!

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