Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions... will I fail again?

New Year's is here and it's time to bite your tounge with those things you KNOW you NEED to do in order to have a healthier, more prosperous life.

So, are your New Year's Resolutions anything like these:

Loose weight, get in shape, make more money, spend more time with family, live healtheir, etc.?

How many times have you said those, or heard it at the New Year's Eve parties?

It's so hard to keep them! Why?

Habits that have formed our daily routines are difficult to change!

But.... change is easier when there's incentive, right?

If you got paid $10 for every pound you dropped, would you do it? Wait! If you had to pay $20 dollars for every one you gained back, would you still do it?

Maybe not.

If you seek out incentives for commiting to and keeping your goals, it might help. I found out that if you find a way to get paid, or get charged for failing, you can find more reason to fulfill those goals and actually start to change your life.

Here comes January's Visa Statement!

When the Visa statement doesn't fulfill it's promise of "use your visa, then you won't feel so bad" and you're being pulled to work one way and your husband or child pulls you the other way. When literally everyone is feeling this pressure, it's time to reach out and help eachother. Like I'm doing here.

What I found is that you need to learn how to create income from various things you already do in your daily life. Then you'll be able to get out of debt, fulfill the personal needs of your husband and children, and your need to be needed. Yes, the need to be needed by the others you help is a nobel and rewarding result of keeping those goals and following your dreams.

If you're wondering how you can possibly monetize your goals without having to get another job or sell off your stuff, visit this website and see more. I'll help you connect your need to fulfill your goals with a deeper reason for keeping them going and finally, providing incentive for you to reach them!

But do it now! Because the only way to ensure failure, is to fail to get started!

Here's to your new new years resolutions!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

What are your Eco-Resolutions for 2008?

With the end of 2007 drawing near, it's time to start thinking of my resolutions for the coming year. One of the top, is to be even more eco-friendly by adding animals to my list of those who I want to help.

Last year my resolution was to be more "green" by promoting an eco-friendlier lifestyle and recycle, reduce and reuse more than a couple of "earth days" a year. I've managed to keep going all year and will continue. I guess it really helps to get paid for it! (Check out the Get Paid To Go Green Site here) That's been the most successful new years resolution (next to the one I made years ago "I will never turn down money") yet! However, this one will result in a different form of incentive: a rich heart and saved lives!

This year I'll focus on learning more about animals, and how our toxic lifestyles effect their lives and the most sensitive subject, animal cruelty. I may have to play with the idea about going vegetarian after all. There's a few things on the website that really get my mind working about what we're ingesting from eating these poorly fed and treated animals.

Support and by visiting their sites and contributing to the humane treatment of our furry friends!
Stay tuned...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reduce Your Impact For The Holidays! & Everyday!

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's day, Americans throw away a million extra tons [900,000 metric tons] of garbage each week, including holiday wrapping and packaging, according to Robert Lilienfeld. Lilienfield is co-author of the book Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are.

So why not recycle holiday gift wrap? Lilienfield, who has published a newsletter on reducing waste since 1996, notes that if every family reused just 2 feet [0.6 meter] of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles [61,000 kilometers] of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet.

And not all gifts need wrapping. "Think back to your three favorite holiday memories," Lilienfeld said. "I'm willing to bet that they all involve time you spent with your family and friends."

By giving gifts that can be experienced, like tickets to a baseball game or a homemade dinner, you can minimize wrapping and still win points with the receiver. "People like these gifts just as much," he said.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Climate Talks-U.S. Humbled & Humiliated?

2007-12-15 00:00:00.0
Bali breakthrough launches climate talks
By David Fogarty

NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) - Nearly 200 nations agreed at U.N.-led talks in Bali on Saturday to launch negotiations on a new pact to fight global warming after a reversal by the United States allowed a breakthrough.

Washington said the agreement marked a new chapter in climate diplomacy after six years of disputes with major allies since President George W. Bush pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, the main existing plan for combating warming.

"This is the defining moment for me and my mandate as secretary-general," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said after making a return trip to Bali to implore delegates to overcome deadlock after the talks ran a day into overtime.

Ban had been on a visit to East Timor. "I am deeply grateful to many member states for their spirit of flexibility and compromise," Ban told Reuters.

The Bali meeting approved a "roadmap" for two years of talks to adopt a new treaty to succeed Kyoto beyond 2012, widening it to the United States and developing nations such as China and India. Under the deal, a successor pact will be agreed at a meeting in Copenhagen in late 2009.

The deal after two weeks of talks came when the United States dramatically dropped opposition to a proposal by the main developing-nation bloc, the G77, for rich nations to do more to help the developing world fight rising greenhouse emissions.
The United States is the leading greenhouse gas emitter, ahead of China, Russia and India.

Indonesian Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar, the host of the talks, banged down the gavel on the deal to rapturous applause from weary delegates.

"All three things I wanted have come out of these talks -- launch, agenda, end date," Yvo de Boer, head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat, told reporters.

The accord marks a step towards slowing global warming that the U.N. climate panel says is caused by human activities led by burning fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.

Scientists say rising temperatures could cause seas to rise sharply, glaciers to melt, storms and droughts to become more intense and mass migration of climate refugees.

"The U.S. has been humbled by the overwhelming message by developing countries that they are ready to be engaged with the problem, and it's been humiliated by the world community. I've never seen such a flip-flop in an environmental treaty context ever," said Bill Hare of Greenpeace.

The European Union, which dropped earlier objections to the draft text, was pleased with the deal.

"It was exactly what we wanted. We are indeed very pleased," said Humberto Rosa, head of the European Union delegation.
German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel was cautiously optimistic.

"Bali has laid the foundations was hard work and exhausting. But the real work starts now," he said in Bali.

But a leading Indian environmentalist was disappointed.
"At the end of the day, we got an extremely weak agreement," said Sunita Narain, head of the Centre for Science and the Environment in New Delhi. "It's obvious the U.S. is not learning to be alive to world opinion."

Agreement by 2009 would give governments time to ratify the pact and give certainty to markets and investors wanting to switch to cleaner energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Kyoto binds all industrial countries except the United States to cut emissions of greenhouse gases between 2008 and 2012. Developing nations are exempt and the new negotiations will seek to bind all countries to emission curbs from 2013.

In a day of drama and emotional speeches, nations had berated and booed the U.S. representatives for holding out. A wave of relief swept the room when the United States relented.

"The United States is very committed to this effort and just wants to really ensure we all act together," said Paula Dobriansky, head of the U.S. delegation.
"With that, Mr Chairman, let me say to you we will go forward and join consensus," she said to cheers and claps.

James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said: "This is not a step taken alone by America. This is a step taken by all the countries that the time had come to open a new chapter."

-- For Reuters latest environment blogs click on:
(Reporting by Adhityani Arga, Sugita Katyal, Alister Doyle, Emma Graham-Harrison, Ed Davies, Gde Anugrah Arka and Gerard Wynn; Editing by Alister Doyle)
Reprinted from Reuters, in the "NEWS" section.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Give the gift of Gaiam! Green Health And Wellness Gifts!

Everyone knows about Gaiam, one of the top health and wellness sites of the century! If you’re an eco-convert and you’re looking to convert others with you, this is the place to get their Christmas gifts this year!
No more messing around with “trying to be green!” It’s time to get serious when it comes to green gift giving. It’s a sign of your dedication to your new lifestyle! Shout it from the tallest ice caps before they’re gone! I’ve always enjoyed giving the gift of Yoga DVD’s or Meditation CD’s. Everyone loves them and finds a soulful voice to be the voice of sanity during the Christmas rush!
So, click here or the picture if you’d like to see the thousands of ways to tell your loved ones that you love them enough to share the gift of green with them. Education is a key element here. If your loved ones need to be informed, send them to to learn about more ways they can be green! Especially, if they need more green! (Who doesn’t?)
Happy Holidays from Eco-Converts!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Unique Eco Gifts

Are you wondering what to get that corporate client or customer this holiday season? Mom or Dad have everything already? I bet they don’t have these!

Give the gift of climate change!
Click the picture to see these gifts close up! There are other gifts like cosmetics, skin care, nutrition, etc. that can be made into gift baskets too. Something for everyone, what a treat.

These eco-friendly gift baskets are filled with organic and non toxic household products and goodies that anyone will appreciate!

From small to large, each gift basket comes with free shipping! Canvas tote bags and steel buckets are among the favorites.

Check it out at KadabaCo today! Tell ‘em you saw it on the Eco-Converts Blog!
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