Sunday, December 23, 2007

What are your Eco-Resolutions for 2008?

With the end of 2007 drawing near, it's time to start thinking of my resolutions for the coming year. One of the top, is to be even more eco-friendly by adding animals to my list of those who I want to help.

Last year my resolution was to be more "green" by promoting an eco-friendlier lifestyle and recycle, reduce and reuse more than a couple of "earth days" a year. I've managed to keep going all year and will continue. I guess it really helps to get paid for it! (Check out the Get Paid To Go Green Site here) That's been the most successful new years resolution (next to the one I made years ago "I will never turn down money") yet! However, this one will result in a different form of incentive: a rich heart and saved lives!

This year I'll focus on learning more about animals, and how our toxic lifestyles effect their lives and the most sensitive subject, animal cruelty. I may have to play with the idea about going vegetarian after all. There's a few things on the website that really get my mind working about what we're ingesting from eating these poorly fed and treated animals.

Support and by visiting their sites and contributing to the humane treatment of our furry friends!
Stay tuned...

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