Friday, January 11, 2008

Got Milk? or Sick Kids?

Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote, “I no longer recommend dairy products. . The essential fats that are needed for brain development are found in vegetable oils. Milk is very low in these essential fats and high in the saturated fats that encourage artery blockage and weight problems as children grow.”

Today, I no longer drink cow’s milk. You’d think it wouldn’t have taken me so long to make the switch since my son is allergic to all milk and dairy products, but it did.

I’ve been a milk addict since I was very young. I literally cried when we ran out! It wasn’t until recently that I really began to investigate the links between our need for mass producing food and the effects it has on the treatment of animals. My husband grew up on a farm in Germany. He often reminisses about the cows on his farm that were as gentle and playful as the family dog. They’d follow him around and he’d give them treats. It wasn’t easy to see them on the dinner table, but that was acceptable. They were cattle farmers. They always treated their cattle as pets.

Here in the states, it’s different. I’ve never spent much time on a dairy farm, but I did live in the central valley in California for many years. Driving by thousands upon thousands of cows in the pastures, the cows looked happy to me. It wasn’t until I actually toured one of these dairy farms that I saw the machines and cattle corrals inside those big barns that got me thinking. It’s not necessarily a nice way to milk a cow. But the reality was that these dairy farms weren’t mistreating their cows, but were doing much more harm to the environment than anyone ever noticed.

Our demand for milk products also takes it’s toll on our planet. Look here. In Lancaster County, Pa., manure from dairy cows is destroying the Chesapeake Bay, and in California, which produces one-fifth of the country’s total supply of milk, the manure from dairy farms has poisoned vast expanses of underground water, rivers, and streams. In the Central Valley of California, the cows produce as much excrement as a city of 21 million people, and even a smallish farm of 200 cows will produce as much nitrogen as in the sewage from a community of 5,000 to 10,000 people, according to a U.S. Senate report on animal waste.

I didn’t even notice! Why? I was so close, yet so far.

Then, I ran across this very interesting exerpt from doctor Robert M. Kradjian, MD (Breast Surgery Chief Division of General Surgery, Seton Medical Centre) Daly City, CA “Milk is not just milk.” He writes. “The milk of every species of mammalis unique and specifically tailored to the requirements of that animal. For example, cows’ milk is very much richer inprotein than human milk. Three to four times as much. It has five to seven times the mineral content. However, it ismarkedly deficient in essential fatty acids when compared to human mothers’ milk. Mothers’ milk has six to ten times as much of the essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. (Incidentally, skimmed cow’s milk has no linoleic acid). Itsimply is not designed for humans.” See the entire article here.

I’ve always thought it was strange to drink the milk of another ’species’. Am I the only one who thinks that? In reading several websites and articles about the subject, I realize, I am not alone. I often have the outlook of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the establishment of corporations controlling the hormonal push of money making money from cows (and everything else for that matter), but it seems fairly believable that this could be more than just a theory. How much PUSS is in your milk? Ewwww!

CHINESE and Japanese tea makers have been right all along. According to German medical scientists, the western habit of mixing milk with a cup of tea is bad for your heart. See this article here.

I thought this was funny, literally. I was reading all of these exerpts from medical professionals, not just in the United States, but in China and Germany as well, when I came upon this. It was a defensive remark made by (anonymous) the “dairy council” . When it comes to nutrition, people should listen to health and nutrition experts — not animal-rights activists, the National Dairy Council believes. Ok, I’ll take their advice too. Duh!

So,what do you think? Remember what happened to Oprah when she said “meat made her fat” so be careful in your reply, you may be monitored for training purposes! lol

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