Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why is the FDA poised to approve cloning?

The $515.7 billion bill (why the need for all that money??) that passed the House of Representatives late Monday (12/17/07) directs the FDA to complete further review and analysis before issuing a final decision on cloning. A similar measure was included in the farm bill that passed in the Senate last week.

I think this is a big deal. The "need" for cloning would be to claim it's a "name brand" so they can make more money off of a patented process. I believe there's no way it could be healthier when it's been genetically altered.

“I’ve looked at the immune response of hundreds of young pigs and I’ve never seen anything that low until I looked at a clone,” remarked Jeff Carroll, leader of the study. Full article here:

My husband and I were talking about it thismorning. He was raised a cattle farmer in Germany. He knows what he's talking about when he says, don't eat anything that's been raised on a "corporate farm".

Cloning would also make the prices go down, which hurts our farmers and in the end, us all. This allows for too much control over the food industry and could easily be cut off or regulated like the price of gas.

Read this:

Read this:

I send letters, sign petitions and join action groups who have power in numbers in washington and ONLY buy from organic, non cloning farmers. Our purchase power is the loudest voice we have! (use it or lose it!)

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