Sunday, February 24, 2008

Depressed? Maybe you're not GREEN enough....

"When patients come in to see me for their depression, I always ask them, how much time do you spend outdoors?" Dr. Noethe says, a Portland psychologist.

When I was a little girl, my Mother would usually kick me outside when I was a bit hyper. The first thing I would do is go and find some dirt to dig my hands in. Little did I know, I was in therapy for my overactive imagination (that’s what it used to be called). My Mother would notice the difference and ask, “Have you grounded yourself?” Of course, I would just look at her crooked, and run off. It never dawned on me what she meant by that until years later when I was learning about healing energy. Duh. I’d been using this technique all my life and didn’t ever think consciously about it.

I caught myself doing it this morning. I was feeling depressed about junk, and started going in to that selfish, “woe is me” state. When I noticed my son, 8 years wise, looking at me in that same crooked way. I jumped up, got dressed in earth tones, and went outside and dug my hands in the dirt! I honestly hadn’t even thought of what I was doing until I had finished some serious pruning of the garden, and weed pulling and had come inside for a drink. That’s when it clicked. And I felt better, much better.

When I look to check the balance of my son’s emotional health, I realize how much outdoor time he spends has a direct impact on his overall happiness too. When he’s melancholy, I take him outside with me and we pull a few weeds. (I guess they’re good for something, ey?) I tell him to imagine the earth as a healthy parent and that if she’s not healthy, she won’t be able to take care of us. I’m not sure if he’s listening really. He’ll find some earthworm or strange bug and lose all hearing abilities. Isn’t that just like an 8 year old? I don’t worry. He’ll be unconsciously healing himself with the same techniques throughout his life too.

All my life I’ve been passionate about the Earth, her inhabitants and taking care of “my parent”. It’s nice that I’ve never needed drugs to medicate for my temporary symptoms of depression.

So if you’re feeling depressed, make sure to Go Green! That means get outside and dig your hands in the dirt! (I'm not on my "Get Paid To Go Green" soap box,... today)

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