Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eco Friendly Valentine's Ideas!

As much as I love "love", my greenness does not take a day off for such holidays. I have used my eco-converting talents and come up with a short list of small things everyone can do to say I Love Mother Earth Too!

Oh, and just because you're green, don't think you can use that as an excuse to show up empty handed! Invoke your writing talents on recycled paper Valentine's that your love is sure to love just as much (if not more considering the 'green' side of the heart)

Let's have an eco-valentine evening starting with dinner. A home cooked meal made with love says it all! Some pasta and sauce with a bottle of vino wins the hearts of many (through the stomach, of course) and saves gas and co2's as well!

Save on that electric bill by using that ever so subtle ambiance creator, the candle! Just make sure it's not scented with chemical laden air scents that are sure to wreak havoc with the pheromones in the air. You'll need those for later!

And who can forget the best part of this day.... this night! Eco-Sexuals aren't as dull as you might think! Check out this great list at Especially the condom-couture clothing!

And, finally, if you're away from your love on this day, never fear. Send your love "The Complete Sonnets of William Shakespeare," available at, and let Kelsey Grammar, Elliot Gould and Vanessa Redgrave whisper sweet nothings for you through the earbuds of your significant other's iPod all day long.

It's the small things we do every day that say more than words about our loves, and our planet too.


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