Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mom's Are The Worst Polluters?

Could it really be true? It seems to be more yes, than no. According to the communities online and off. Comments are filled with moms that drive all day, use products with known hazards, fertlizers that affect our marine life, air fresheners with possible carcinogens in them and various others. Some even start arguments over the conspiracy of global warming. You don't have to believe in global warming to be concerned about your health and protecting our planet. If the Earth wasn't warming, I guess it'd be going the other way which I don't know if we're really ready for the Ice Age threat either! I hate cold weather!

For example. What about the "soccer moms"? Driving the kids around like taxi cabs on caffeine, going to every game, practice and lesson on a $3.21 gallon of gas. I have an suv, it even says "Get Paid To Go Green" on it! But I also drive an average of 10 miles per week and I bought the large vehicle for our family of five and a dog. But the problem is that our communities have grown so large that it's impossible to get from appointment to practice without driving. Our communities aren't environmentally friendly either. In Germany there are several small villages in which everything is literally in walking distance to live. If not, there's a train that goes everywhere! I wish it were like that a bit here.

Some moms, who don't love their families any less than others, still say they're happy and even enjoy using toxic chemicals to clean their homes, (you bleach sniffers know who you are) wash down their drains and breathe in the air. Even though several chemicals have been linked to cancers and are currently undergoing studies to prove that. I guess it's the old "It'll never happen to me" syndrome.

I'm a mother. I've been a mother for 20 years. My Mother, Father, Grandmother and Aunt have all died from Cancer, Alzheimers and Heart Disease. What caused it? When did those cells begin to mutate? What was it? There's a great news report at that you can watch with a news team's investigation into the household chemical industry. Very informative.

I've always been conscious and caring of the health of my little ones but, I never thought that being wasteful of our planet's resources was "not in my schedule" to deal with. But I have to admit, I could have done better. Recycling is one hardship I've had to overcome. I used to have the big boys take care of it, but it just wasn't ever done. It always falls on the mother's shoulders doesn't it? That's exactly what (I think) drives mom's to use the easiest, least time consuming, stress free solutions to just get through the day.

So what can Moms do? Are mom's really the worst polluters because we're just too damn busy? I believe that has a lot to do with it. My tips on squidoo for finding incentive to go green have been useful to me, but also great books and resources to make a few simple changes that have a big impact. Do it once and never think about it again. I'm glad to have accomplished that goal.

There's a side effect of being enthusiastic about the health of our loved ones and our planet. It's actually a suprise to know that you'll feel less stressed about your daily life when you make those changes permanent. It will flow over into other parts of your life too and you'll start looking at ways to make other, healthier changes, permanent too.

I know it worked that way for me. When I see my son's happy face next to the fish he just caught in the canal behind our home, I cringe when I think of what's in that water. I hope things change for the better real soon.


  1. I have to admit, my fear of landfill contribution (via diapers) has made me a little leery of having a kid. I could use cloth diapers, but those are such a hassle for the mom-on-the-go. Don't they make them out of cellulose or corn plastic yet? I guess I could litter-train a baby. Works on cats, so why not?

  2. Meow! Wish I'd thought of that! Then again, they probably would have eaten the litter! Acutally, there is a hybrid diaper now!

    So there's hope!


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