Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Care For A Slice Of Alzheimers Cake?

Today's Eco-Convert Subject: The Kitchen
When I first ventured out on my own, I couldn't afford to supply my kitchen with new cookware or bakeware. So, my grandfather donated some of the pots and pans from my grandmother. She loved the non stick, lightweight stuff and managed to get everything that the industrial revolution had to offer. She was second on the block to get a television, but was undefeated in the noteworthy position of "first on the block" to have a microwave oven.

Little did anyone know at the time, her bout with alzheimers may have been connected to the teflon, aluminum and radiation era. Studies have all been inconclusive and nothing's been "proven" according to them. (I wonder if anything will be linked that would cause a drop in the corporate bottom line?) Still, I would rather err on the side of caution and steer clear of anything that even MAY be linked.

I've begun converting my kitchen over to an eco-friendly, healthier way of cooking. I've always had a good cast iron skillet, but they're so heavy and not good for carpal tunnel either. But, they're actually GOOD to cook in because they add iron to your food, which we all need. I've also invested in the QVC's Green Pan Set. Wonderfully non stick, actually they should call it super-slick not just non-stick! Although they are made of aluminum, they are coated with a ceramic coating, making them a better alternative to teflon or straight aluminum.

Next on the list of kitchen converting, the bakeware. I don't do that much baking (momma always said leave it to the experts) but I occasionally make a bundt cake or cookies. I was recently at a faire where a salesperson was demonstrating how their silicone bakeware was the only one with a fiberglass underweave that would create the browning effect that other silicone bakeware couldn't. Looks like I'll be looking into that very soon. At least before the next holiday season. That's pretty much the only time of year I do baking.
As I go down the memory lane of my grandmother, I have images of yellow ware bowls and french toast too. Come to think of it, she wasn't much of a cook or a baker either. Whattayaknow!

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