Thursday, April 17, 2008

Growling Mad!

Our friend Eddie at the site has informed me today of some very disturbing testing results.

Recently, they told us about the non-stick chemicals scientists found at high levels in pets. That's not the only thing that stood out, though.

The scientists at the lab also found high levels of a kind of chemical called phthalates (which they tell me is pronounced THAL-ates, like PAL-ates, although how you get that from a word that starts with ph is beyond me). Phthalates are used in certain kinds of plastic to make them softer, and in things that need to smell nice to make the fragrance last. They're endocrine disruptors, which means they can mess up our hormones, and they may also cause reproductive problems and cancer.

Animals studied were contaminated at really high levels. In dogs, it was higher than 80% of the population. In cats, one of the kinds of phthalates was higher than has ever been found in people!

There are lots of different ways that we're exposed to phthalates. For one, it's in some of our toys. Soft plastic squeaky toys (like the rubber ducky you're always stealing from your human sister) are made with PVC, which leaches phthalates. And that smelly stuff my human dad is always spraying on the couch after he kicks me off of it probably had phthalates in it too (febreeze?), but there's no way to tell since the government doesn't make them list it on the ingredients (anyway, do I really smell that bad?).

Phthalates are also in many shampoos and cleaning products, and even some veterinary medicines. Hard to believe they'd let such toxic stuff be all over the place, isn't it? We're in quite a mess, which is why I need your help!

Meet me over here to play!

Thank you Eddie! We here at the Eco-Converts Blog are with you all the way! Sign up everyone! And tell everyone you know!

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