Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sick of Going Green?

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am FOR the planet. I'm doing my part for our Mother Earth. BUT. It makes me mad that all these corporations are making commercials that emphasize their wonderful, eco friendly, green, bio healthy ways when they haven't changed a single thing about how they do business!

For example, on cafemom this morning, I saw a "green" Coke ad. Coke? Green? Since when? For every Coke in someone's hand, they are healthier? I do think so! The last time I looked at the ingredients on a Coke, it said HEALTH WARNING on it!

Yesterday, an ad for Subaru, said it's now a zero landfill company. Really? Ask the garbage man if they do a weekly pick up there! There isn't a C02 molecule of truth in that one!

There's a plethora of events for this beautiful planet this month and it's all geared toward consumers. Buy this, buy that, and you'll be green. Here's a word to the wiser.. consuming more STUFF won't make you green! In fact, it's ANTI-green!

If you truly want to contribute to the continuation of the Circle Of Life, just educate yourself about products that YOU ALREADY USE and make a switch to simply choose better ones. Like garbage bags, they make biodegradable ones now. Shopping bags, get reusable ones and use them. Cleaning supplies can be non toxic or don't use them at all, use steamers! And the foods you eat, just stop eating fast food and buying packaged preserved food. And of course, get outside and take a walk!

I blog to share what I've learned about how to ECO-CONVERT your lifestyle without falling victim to corporate greenwashing.

It's LESS About Saving The Planet And MORE About Saving Your Life!


  1. The last line here is awesome! Haven't traveled around your blog enough yet to know if that is one you use each time, or just on this post, but it says it all.

    Continuously I share my thoughts that global warming isn't really an issue -- it's the environment right around you that counts most for you today. It's what you eat, and how you take care of yourself, it's taking the time to just use common sense in consuming less of the natural resources we've been given, and it's about making wiser choices between adding to the toxic overload or going with a more natural solution.

    It looks like this is a blog I'll be coming back to. After looking around a bit more, I may wish to share with my readers as well. Do I have your permission to do so, JoAnn?

    Thanks! And have a most blessed week!

  2. Thanks for your kindness. I'm most excited to reciprocate links. Yours has been added to ALIVE! I know my readers will find it enlightening as they travel their own personal journeys to healthier lifestyles.

    After reading a few more of your entries I'd love to review your blog on mine. Watch for that later this week.

  3. Great blog! It is ironic that companies are selling more products by using green marketing techniques when the greenest thing to do is to consume less. Thanks for pointing out the elephant in the room. I think many people are afraid to say anything becuase it is politically incorrect.

    Along the same lines as your post, this article talks about getting off the go green bandwagon. You can see it at


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