Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who Is Earthman?

I have recently met a very dedicated and amazing person. He's known around these parts as Earthman.

Go Check out this amazing and educational website at
This is both "Hot" and "Cool"!! Click Climate Crisis Jam music video

Earthman Lanny and his band are spreading the coolest info about a hot topic! I recently had the chance to speak to Lanny and he's an amazing person. In addition to his live music concerts, he's currently visiting schools and educating children about global warming, what it is and how we can take care of Mother Earth and slow the warming down to the natural pace she intended! If you're interested in his special appearances, you can contact him through his website, or (since he's obviously busy right now) leave a message on this blog and I'll make sure he gets it!

Here's a partial list of his current concert schedule, you've got to go!

  • April 12 - 1pm North Miami Beach WaterFestSat.
  • April 12- Miami River Day 4-5pm - Jose Marti park in Miami Sat.
  • April 19th - Captain Planet Earth Day Festival Atlanta, Georgia - Afternoon, Chatahoochee Nature CenterSun.
  • April 20 Miami Springs Riverfest 2-3pm
  • April 21 10:30 - 11:30am Caleb Center, Miami - 1,000 children
  • April 22 (Earth Day) - Nashville, Tennessee - Belcourt Theatre (evening)
  • April 26 - Broward Audubon Earth Day, Ann Kolb Park - Hollywood, Florida
  • April 26 - 6pm Parkland Library, Parkland, Florida
  • Go to a Florida Marlin's home game and see Earthman on the jumbotron with Billy the Marlin talking about conserving water!!!!

If you get a chance to see him live in concert, or visit his site, let him know you're rooting for him and this cause. Share this information with others who might want to know this too (who doesn't-come on!) Oh, and tell him JoAnn said Hi!


  1. You should try and get him to come to the school!

  2. That jam video is cool. I'm gonna show it to the kids. Maybe my son's school would like to show the video in class?

  3. judy-I'm not sure about the school, they might do what Windy said tho, just play it on a monitor for the kids. Or maybe he has it on dvd? I'll call him and ask.


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