Saturday, May 3, 2008

Michigan Residents Are Lovin' This!

Bush Admin Forces Out EPA Regulator Who Sought Regulation of Dow

Click on the map to follow Dow Chemical Dioxin downstream. As provided by the Chicago Tribune.
An exerpt from Democracy Now's website: "A top federal environmental regulator says the Bush administration has forced her to step down over her attempts to regulate pollution caused by the industrial giant Dow Chemical. Mary Gade was the Environmental Protection Agency’s top official in the Midwest until she resigned on Thursday.

Last year, Gade used emergency powers to force Dow to clean up four areas contaminated with the cancer-causing Dioxin chemical near Dow’s Michigan headquarters. One of the areas had one of the largest amounts of Dioxin ever recorded in the United States. Gade says she resigned after she was stripped of her powers and told to quit or be fired by June 1st.

Democratic Congressmember Rahm Emanuel of Illinois said, “I’m surprised if anybody is surprised by this. This administration, from day one, has always chosen polluters over the environment.”

Here's a link to DOW's website where their slogan is the "human element" is where responsibility begins. Exactly. You've seen the ads on tv and although chemicals are a part of our lives, they don't have to be dumped where we live and breathe when there are better ways to dispose of these things.

The EPA is supposed to be there to protect US, not corrupt corporations. We need to make sure residents are safe and when their top officials are SHUT UP by the Bush Administration, it sends a clear message "don't mess with the big boys." We are the taxpayers who fork over the dough to make sure we have someone looking out for US and this is a big slap in the face.

Richard Wiles, executive director of the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization, said the EPA process has become a "bureaucratic quagmire" in which political considerations often trump public health concerns.

"With these rules in place, it's now official: The Bush White House is where all good public health protections go to die," he said.

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