Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Human Powered Car To Replace Electric Cars

Watch out Hummer, here comes the Rhoades Car!

While browsing the ecogeek.org site, I saw an ad for this car. First, I giggled. Out loud! Then, it intrigued me. I just had to click the ad!

Next, I was watching a video that looked like a jeep wrangler commercial! All terrain? Yup! Street legal? Uh hu! Even a cargo or taxi version!!

There just aren't enough words to describe this, you've got to go and see it!

Click the link below and watch the various videos available from political action groups, news segments and customers! Don't forget to come back and tell us if you got one!

Take a look at different body options (like the couch bike!) or even rent one here:

I'm just having fun today! How bout you?

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