Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Vote Won't Count?

I have heard these excuses for not voting your conscience and I think it's high time ignorant Americans STOP voting for the name most heard, the candidate my parents are voting for, or vote for the lesser of the two evils and start researching all the issues and who you SHOULD vote for!

It's our duty living in this democratic country! It's our second job to come home from work and check the independent news (not the propaganda on network tv!) and be activists for our Freedom.

As the elections draw near, I find that people still have the same excuses.

Two Common Myths about elections:
"I can't vote for anyone else, I'm a registered Dem/Rep!"
No matter which party you belong to, you still may vote for another one. I'm a Republican but often vote outside my party due to lack of a worthy candidate.

"I'll be throwing my vote away if I vote for someone who's not in the top two spots!" Not true and very very UNAMERICAN to think that way. It's YOUR choice whom you vote for. Do your homework and make sure that candidate is worthy of YOUR vote! I'll be voting for Ralph Nader. I would be writing in Ron Paul, but he's now backing Ralph Nader and so will I.

Today, ironically, is Constitution Day. Here is a video that will get you to think on your feet about what it means to be an American!

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