Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Eco-Do's and Eco-Dont's

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and as everyone knows, you'd better plan ahead, or make room in the doghouse!

Especially if your sweetheart, is an Eco-Convert!

There are a few gifts that aren't as sweet for us Eco-Converts. We're environmentalists now and while those bouquets of flowers and lovely embellished greeting cards used to work just fine, now we realize the damage they do to our environment AND our wallets!

So what ARE eco friendly alternatives to the usual cards, flowers, candy and jewelry?

Greeting cards: Cards that are made from virgin paper or even plastic with electronics. Why? Virgin paper comes directly from forests that are being depleated in masses and contribute to global warming and the anhilation of rare species of life. Also the plastic cards and those with music are using electronics that are derived from fossil fuels but are also mostly imported. Try making your own from recycled paper, you can even make a gift box from your cards. (see how to make them HERE)

Flowers: Long stem roses or bouquets of cut flowers. Why? Because even though you may think you're calling a local florist to deliver those flowers, most of the time they aren't local at all. Also, the flowers they have in local florists and stores are often flown over thousands of miles just to get there. Do you live in a climate where the flowers are blooming? That aughtta tell ya they aren't coming from a local florist. But if there are any florists that have a greenhouse in your area, they'll have them, usually on the roadside!

Candy: Candy is the ultimate flattery, "sweets for my sweets" right? But some people don't eat sweets like these, so it's just going to waste. So, consider if your sweetheart actually likes them before purchasing a big box. If the answer is yes, then go to a local candy shop where they are hand made and buy locally. Another tip: Make your own! How flattering to get a box of home made sweets?! Here's a great idea from TasteNC (get it, taste and see?) took me a moment too!

Jewelry: Most jewelers consider the gift of diamonds and gold "timeless" and a most endearing gift. (Who doesn't?) But you don't have to use those specific rocks and metals, you can make them out of macaroni (I love these the best-but it's better for the kids!) or go to and shop local. Just enter your zip code and see what's there! Not only will this help your community, your sweetheart will know you took more time to support their new eco-convertion! Personally, hemp jewelry is a great place to start.
So as you enjoy your sweetheart, however you may choose, remember this:
Love is FREE!
Happy Valentine's Day Fellow Eco-Converts!

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