Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get Involved! HR 875 Means More Government, More Spending, More Recession!

Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

Food Safety? or Food Police?

"HR 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, is a limited-vision attempt by moderate Democrats and Republicans to craft food safety legislation to address the out-of-control filth and contamination that are inherent in our industrialized, now globalized, "profit-at-any-cost" food system.

This being said, Organic Consumers Association does not support HR 875 in its present form, given the fact that, if the bill's regulations were applied in a one-size-fits-all manner to certified organic and farm-to-consumer operations, it could have a devastating impact on small farmers, especially raw milk producers who are already unfairly targeted by state food-safety regulators.

Although the Organic Consumers Association deems this bill somewhat well-intentioned, we are calling on Congress to focus its attention on the real threats to food safety: globalized food sourcing from nations such as China where food safety is a travesty and domestic industrial-scale and factory farms whose collateral damage includes pesticide and antibiotic-tainted food, mad cow disease, E.coli contamination and salmonella poisoning."
Exerpt above from Ethan Huff at

After quite a bit of searching, reading, watching videos and listening to alarming podcasts about this bill basically bankrupting farmers to further consolidate the conglomeration of huge corporate thugs, I'm convinced it must be stopped!

Furthermore, I'm absolutely appauled by the introduction of this bill by Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) who's husband works for MONSANTO! Unbelievable! She's got the family members of food poisoning victims in photo opps to help gain support!

Google various keywords and see for yourself how many are opposed to this legislation and it's a wonder why it's being supported by 42 reps in the house. I'm carefully watching my state reps and how they vote. I'm using to email (pre-made emails that I can edit) and it will surely determine their futures in politics on the next vote!

Go to the Organic Consumers Association Action Alert Page and tell your state representatives how you feel!

In my opinion, we don't need more regulation, more spending, more government, more laws.

We need to reduce it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chris Pirillo is my new best friend!

Today I was messing around with profiles and wondered how to do those twitter backgrounds I've seen. There are so many cool ones and I really wanted to customize mine with a quick and easy "click" program. I didn't know how to do that, so I started searching and found this video and website that makes it a snap!

If any of you know what twitter is all about, you'll really really really really (ok) appreciate this video from Chris Pirillo on how to customize your twitter profile page!

Go ahead and check mine out! Then you'll see the picture with a graphic sidebar that follows the page. Click the twitter birdie and see it!

If you're interested in customizing your own twitter profile, just watch the video below to learn how I did it!

Chris has awesome videos and in addition to my adoration of his incredibly LARGE monitor, I absolutely love his style! Very entertaining!

Thanks to Chris and the youtube videos that are so helpful for us all!

Here's his video on how to customize your own twitter profile, remember to subscribe to keep up on his great tips! If you created your own, go ahead and put your twitter link in your comment and we'll check em out!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

EWG Publishes 5th Version Shoppers Guide To Pesticides

Just out, the 5th edition of the list of the fruits and vegetables with the most/least pesticide content.

Click the picture to get the full list. Donate and get the fridge magnet! Or just download the guide, it's FREE!

Go and Digg it please!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Single Payer Health Care Is Off The Table?

While the Obama administration claims “all options are on the table” for healthcare reform, it’s already rejected the solution favored by most Americans, including doctors: single-payer universal healthcare. Quoted from

I'm FOR a single-payer system. But I'm against the government controlling who I see, when I see them and how much I have to pay.

What do you think?
What does your representative think?

Clean Coal: Is That What They Call It Now?

The Cohen Brothers have done it again, a video parody on the Clean Coal claims of the coal industry.

There really is no such thing as clean coal and never will be.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th is the Last Day! GIVEAWAY! - SMITH'S EDGE Knife Sharpeners

Deluxe Knife and Scissors Sharpener Giveaway! Doesn't this look really cool!???

Another giveaway planned for tomorrow from Spatulas, Corkscrews and Suitcases! These are REALLY nice sharpeners from Smith's Edge, you won't want to miss it! Make sure to check back Wednesday, 3/4 around noon EST and enter! Here's a photo of one of the sharpeners, just to tempt you!

I'm in, are you?
Click the picture or HERE to go and see how to enter!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Help Homeowners Level the Playing Field

This is an ACTION ALERT!

Forward this link to your entire email list, post it on your blogs, websites, facebook, myspace and Digg, Twitter, etc. We've got to ALL stand up and work TOGETHER!

Sign the petition at this website and view the videos too

"Joan Adams is living out of a Motel 6 in Orange County, California. She lost her home to foreclosure. Theres no one out there to help, Joan says. Billions were given to all the banks for bailouts for something they caused, and yet were the ones that are homeless. Tomorrow, Congress will vote on whether or not to level the playing field."

read more digg story
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