Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Schmerth Day...

Ok, so as the eco-converts blog owner, I guess I should have written some inspirational advice to those seeking to truly CONVERT to a greener, healthier lifestyle, espcially today but....

I've just driven about 3,000 miles (in my matrix, not an suv at least) and I'm too tired. So, I watched Oprah's going green Earth Day special and was dismayed even more than usual at the corporatism of "buying stuff" today. Isn't this the biggest problem? She's offering a 20% discount as she points out, all that swirling garbage the size of the state of TEXAS! HELLO OPRAH! Grrrrr!

But never the less, today is a good day for a good deed. So, I found one. My friend Judy at NoFearEntertaining is truly an inspiration to me today. While having a moment to spare to check out her great blog, I found her English muffin bread recipe too enticing (or was it the mouth-watering picture?) to pass up.

But it was her post a few days ago that had me intrigued. Inspired, really.

But I can't tell you!

No, I can't!

Ok, I will, but you have to read more about it by clicking here and reading it first hand, on her blog.

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  1. yes, we should be promoting growing and making what we consume, not buying more... we try and show folks how to make their own at


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