Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do You Read Those Tiny Labels On Your Veggies?

I've been a local-vore for quite some time and have found that lately I'm seeing more and more produce from other regions at the grocery store. Sometimes just seeing other regions of the state or u.s.a. are better than food coming from other countries. However, I notice while I'm looking at my food's "birthplace" the guy next to me is picking up tomatoes from mexico and I find myself compelled to blurt out my big mouth. Not in a bad or rude way, I just elevate the volume of my usually internal dialogue to sort of 'advertise' for local farmers. For example, I simply mentioned "from Mexico?" with a sarcastic/inquisative tone and watched him put the mexican tomato back and grab the ones from Florida. Ha! Mission accomplished!

If everyone increased their volumes do you think it would help make a difference? I think it would. It did for the tomato guy! Speak up!

To that end...Do you contribute to a Web site or blog? American Farmland Trust needs your help to spread the word about the importance of farmland protection for local food.

1. Take a stand by placing a badge on your site and linking to American Farmland Trust. You can get the code for these badges here or by clicking on a picture below.

Local Food and Local Farms 9 in '09 Policy for Farms, Food and the Environment Farm Bill

2. Share your farmers market and local food stories through blog posts or video at least five times. Be sure to mention why having local farmland is important to you! For more resources, take a look at our 7 ways to save farmland or farmers market manager pages.

3. Let us know you are taking a stand by sending us an e-mail at and we will include your blog in the list below.

And just FYI: The Cape Harbour Yacht Club in Cape Coral, Fl will host a farmers market between the two towers every Saturday morning from 8am till noon beginning May 23rd! It runs through October 10, 2009. Check out the details here! See you there!

Not from Cape Coral, Fl? No problem! Just visit and find one near you!

Ford is saving the factory in Mi with electric cars!

I'm more excited that Ford is staying in business than I am about the electric cars but there are pros and cons to this announcement today. As journalists are reporting this as a good sign of technology, jobs and the American economy, I have some questions.

Haven't we done this before?

As I recall, it was mainly the lack of profits that "killed the electric car" the last time any large scale manufacturing came to pass. So, what's in it for them (auto industry) this time?

In addition to this question, is it really a good idea to partner with a company who will sell the technology to ANY car manufacturer? Won't that make this attempt even less profitable? Where's the sense in that? I don't buy the whole deal that it's for the planet. Not when it's government mandated that Ford build 4 new electric cars by 2012.

"The electric Ford Focus, due out in early 2011, is largely the product of Canada-based auto parts and assembly supplier Magna International. Magna developed the car mostly on its own, building it inside a Ford Focus body for demonstration purposes." exerpted from
"From the 6,000 lbs Navigator to the 2,500 lbs FocusFord has decided to transform its Michigan SUV plant into a "modern, flexible small car plant". It will begin production of the global Focus small car in 2010, and an electric version of the Focus in 2011 (to help Ford meet its commitment of 4 electric vehicles by 2012). " exerpted from treehugger article.

While it's also pretty good to get away from fossil fueled cars there are negative impacts of using electricity too. Hopefully this next electric car will be able to utilize a solar powered outlet too! Now THAT would be better than plugging it in to a wall and using electricity from a coal powered plant.

More jobs, more people employed and able to feed their families, I hope this was the main goal of Ford's "re-focusing". Pun intended!
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