Thursday, June 25, 2009

Climate Cops To Fine “Wasteful” Homeowners & Businesses

These are the GREEN jobs that Obama was talkin about folks!


Waste Inspectors!
Job Description: Inspect neighbors yards, garbage cans, recycling bins, children’s back packs and juice boxes for recycling law compliance. Daily reporting to Big Brother for further assessment of fines against properties that still may be in the name of their owners. Wages are 50% commission based on total fines imposed. I could go on… but you get the point!

For the last few months I’ve been getting emails from several action groups asking for my urgent support of the “wasteful” taxation legislation that *must* go through in order to save our planet…

What’s wrong with this logic?

Can anyone guess?

Well, first, there’s no way to “fix” global warming by taxes!

Second, who are the folks asking for these new taxes? Politicians of course and we already know who they work for. Hint hint… not us!

It’s this taxation of the ‘super dirty wasteful polluters’ that is the guise for this legislation. What comes across as punishing the big corporations, essentially boils down to punishing the average joe.

In a nut shell, the population currently struggling to survive and feed their families will get notices from the local inspectors (your garbage man) to pay up because they found junk mail in the garbage can and it should have been in the recycling bin. (junk mail you didn’t even ask for!)

When I hear people CRY for a new law to be passed to punish someone or regulate something… I can hardly hold my tongue.

These are our freedoms you cry to be controlled! By our government no less! “Take our freedom so we can be ‘safe’!” Aww, jeez!

*exhausted as I jump down from my soapbox*

Ok, now I’ve said my peace. But….Please THINK before you click on petitions or act now buttons from these types of action groups.

This is actually happening …. take a look:

Climate Cops To Fine “Wasteful” Homeowners & Businesses

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