Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Fulfill Your New Years Resolutions |

Happy New Year!

Ever tried to fulfill your New Year's Resolutions, only to give up (or even forget) by February? Well, there's some easier resolutions and quite unique too, to help combat this common dilemma.

Check out these ideas!

EcoSnoop on polluters via iPhone-What?

EcoSnoop on polluters via iPhone-What? — EcoSnoop starts a new class of vigilante green apps for the iPhone. Now you can report neighborhood polluters. How nice! (not!) What ever happened to Love Thy Neighbor?!!!

Read more here:'s Karl Burkhart gets down to brass tacks with the snoopy neighbor app for iphone.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Needs Health Care Reform? Doctors Should Offer Insurance Directly To Patients

Wouldn't everyone rush to find this doctor?

I would!

In fact, I searched for such a doctor like that today. I'm looking for insurance coverage as I'm not allowed to keep my old one because I don't live in Ca anymore. Humph. It's a nation wide insurance company. Grrr.

I'm left to hope. I was hoping for this health care reform to include some voices from the people. But it doesn't. At least it wouldn't take effect until 2013.

I don't agree with the government's health care reform bill. Every single "good" point, has a direct "bad" side. Like the fact that insurance companies can't deny you for pre-existing conditions, BUT they can say your treatment isn't Medically Necessary (notice the capital letters implying legal description?) as youtube and google has plenty of entries for how Cigna and others have been raking in premiums from insureds, and then denying claims as soon as some major illness strikes. They paid for the insurance and the insurance company just DECIDED NOT TO PAY!

Another option that wasn't on the table for health care reform.... Doctor's Insurance.

I think doctors should offer health benefits for their patients and switch to all cash practices. Just like those Ameriplan type benefits, only without the multi level marketing stuff. It's just a list of doctors willing to give you a discount of at least 15% and you're supposed to pay a premium to have one of their discount cards. What a crock. Why don't the doctors just skip that middle man and offer it straight up???

Doctors take a much bigger hit to their incomes when they sign up with insurance companies as a PPO or see Workers Comp patients, or worse.... personal injury cases!

I know what preferred provider contracts from insurance companies require of doctors to be on the list. Deep discounts. Up to 85%! I have personally experienced having the same service cost $600 on one day, and the day I got insurance, the insurance company paid $58 and my portion was $15. Who does this benefit? The insurance companies of course. They get the premium from us, then get a "premium" from the doctor who actually performed the services. It's not like I had to pay less when you add up that I had to earn the money first, pay taxes on it, then pay the monthly premium and the annual deductible before any benefits are paid, but the doctor sure gets taken for a ride.

Now, what if, this doctor had just told us, no insurance, just cash? Consider the benefits JUST for the doctor. Like no billing department, no contractual cuts to the insurance, perhaps even a malpractice waiver to lighten the burden?

Sure there are probably already laws in place the keep doctors from offering "insurance" per say. But not a deep discount for cash! After 10 years in the medical field (billing and management) I have experienced the true "tragedy" of insurance companies. Usual and customary, medically necessary, medical review boards, preauthorization, and don't forget malpractice insurance!

If there are any doctors out there who are willing to offer their services for cash (and not for more than a worker's comp claim or PPO insurance contract would otherwise satisfy you), then convert your office over to cash! I actually did just that for a chiropractor in Pleasanton, California in only six months.

What are we going to do with health care in this corrupt country? I've joined Dr. Ron Paul (yes an M.D.) and his Campaign for Liberty in hopes that we'll reform the corruption in government and the people will be in charge once again!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is Cap and Trade

Annie Leonard explains the Story of Stuff and is now explaining the Story of Cap and Trade! Yay!

Copenhagen COP15...What is it about?

Today, I thought I'd post this video since it's really interesting how no one seems to know what's going on. Seems everyone I know is in this state of disbelief about it. Most of the people I've asked about Copenhagen (COP15) don't even know what I'm talking about!

Here's a start. Catch up on what's going on. has great footage from Copenhagen about the 100,000 protesters outside the doors where world leaders are supposed to be discussing solutions to our growing global climate crisis.

Here's yesterday's report, watch it in it's entirety to get the full picture.

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