Thursday, December 30, 2010

Books Boxes and Drawers Are Out - Recipes Go Online Now

So, your Aunt Alice is dying to know where you learned to make this fantastic pumpkin roll cake you made and is begging for the recipe! Only one problem... you can't find it. A month later, viola! There it is, stuck to the back of the prime rib recipe you made on the same day!

Has this ever happened to you? Does your recipe box look like it was used as a trash bin? Wrinkled and stained pieces of paper with grandma's writing. Some stuck together and completely illegible? Well, even though those are signs of a well-loved recipe, it sure is irritating when trying to find it! And instead of dealing with "the drawer" I usually end up searching for it online.

Ok, it just dawned on me that I could add my drawer of recipes to my online recipe box this way without ever having to type it in! So, in about five minutes I've added over 20 recipes without doing the data entry myself. Efficiency is in my dna!

About 9 out of 10 times I'm end up at and search for the title of what I'm looking for. Then, I look for the one with the highest ratings and take a look. If it's anything that's close to what mine looked like, I'll take it! I just add it to my recipe box online and keep it there. How great is that? Oh, and when I actually make a recipe, I look in the comments under it. It's like having a consumer reports for recipes! Tons of reviews from real people making them and posting their 'tweaks' if any, that changed it for the better.
There I go gettin' all giddy about organizing and creating shortcuts again! My family says I'm a little crazy about it, but you know what? They enjoy the feng shui of it as much as I do! ohhmmmmmm

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stop Clicking Ads that pay the advertiser and PAY YOURSELF THAT COMMISSION!

Anyone shopping on the internet for deals has GOT to use this! BigCrumbs gives YOU the money they would normally give to those who place big flashy ads on the web. You can get the affiliate's commission instead! If you know others, of course, you'll refer them too and earn a reward. So share your links, it's a small world and when we help eachother we win!

I've received $33.00 this month with just the Christmas shopping I've done and there's still a month left before Christmas!

Click the link below, register, then shop!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Neat Video About Bottled Water

What IS Bottled Water Anyway?

The subject of water quality has come up several times in the last few weeks and I thought it'd be great to share this video.

From the makers of the famous video "The Story of Stuff" comes another one called "The Story of Bottled Water"

I agree with most of what's in this, except the part about tap water being an overall favorite in taste tests. I personally don't feel that chlorine and fluoride taste good, not to mention the possible health implications.

What I think is most disturbing about bottled water is that these corporations, like coca cola and nestle are actually pumping the water into the bottles from reservoirs in our own back yards and then selling it back to us at 10,000 times the price as our tap water would cost!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making A Difference: HATCH Film Festival

I wanted to let you know about a new short film award from and the HATCH Film Festival.

The explore/Hatch Award will be presented to the filmmaker whose short film shows a group or individual hero striving for a better world through selfless acts.

If you or anyone you know has created a film highlighting a cause that inspires others to make a difference, submissions are now open.

The winner will receive a full expense paid trip to HATCHFest where they will have the chance to meet with prominent mentors as well as receive a prize from the co-founder, Charles Annenberg Weingarten. Submissions are due on March 25th.

Please be aware that the due date is creeping up - view full contest
guidelines and submissions info at the following link:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The USDA is DARING us to SPEAK UP against Monsanto!

In its own report, the USDA says that not enough consumers care enough about organic foods for the USDA to block Monsanto's modified alfalfa seeds.

Don't be silent on this one folks, the USDA is considering allowing Monsanto to patent it's GM alfalfa.

Why should you care?

“Alfalfa is one of the major food sources for certified organic animals, not only because of its quality as forage, but because Monsanto's patented genes are already found in 95% of soybeans and 80% of corn. If the USDA lets Monsanto sell its new alfalfa, it will inevitably overtake organic alfalfa crops through the natural pollination process. [3] As a result organic farmers may be feeding their cows genetically modified food.” by ana sofia joanes, fresh, the movie.

That's why!

And there's a lot of other reasons you can read about here at the WORC website before you make your comments.

First visit the WORC website HERE.


It only takes a few minutes. Let's do this NOW and SHARE THIS! It needs more attention, so PLEASE TWEET, FACEBOOK, DIGG, EMAIL and CALL everyone you know! Have them go to the site and share their comments to present to the USDA! There's a SHARE button below this post for quick clicking!

Let's show the USDA that we really DO care!

For those who wish to see mine, here's what I submitted on the USDA's comments page:
RE: Docket No. APHIS-2007-0044
Alfalfa is one of the major food sources for certified organic animals, not only because of its quality as forage, but because Monsanto's patented genes are already found in 95% of soybeans and 80% of corn.

If the USDA lets Monsanto sell its new alfalfa, it will inevitably overtake organic alfalfa crops through the natural pollination process. As a result organic farmers may be feeding their cows genetically modified food which goes against it's regulation of organic certification requirements.

This GM Alfalfa Would Significantly Increase Pesticide Use and Thereby Harm Human Health and the Environment.
1. I hereby request that you don't allow Monsanto non-regulated status.
2. Please extend the deadline for public comments by 30 days.
3. Immediately Release the “Plant Pest Determination” for Comment
Thank you.

Championing The Selfless Acts of Others

I've always been a fan of documentary films because they're full of information that we just aren't getting much of these days. However beneficial for education they may be, they can be very long and sometimes a bit boring. Right?

But I was watching a short segment called "explore" on LinkTV the other night and this was a very different film! The film was entitled "No Child is Born A Terrorist" by filmmaker, storyteller and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten.

He calls himself an "archivist" who sets out on fact-finding missions to id

entify and document organizations for possible funding grants for these amazing community leaders. As I watched this short (20min) story unfold, I wasn't just being educated about an important issue, I was truly absorbed in the stories of the people and their plight. I really felt connected to them and wish them well. I no longer had wanted to watch what was on next, so I headed over to their website at to see more.

They have many different films, photos and interviews from these missions and they're all on the website to see anytime you want. The films are shorter than most (between 8 and 40 min) and they really connect you to those people and causes across the world. I think this is a great way to educate and inspire our "microwave generation" into action!

Both educational and inspirational, these films cover topics from animal rights, health and human rights, pover

ty, environment and more. The website is also an online community where people share, dialogue, and experience films and photography to bring cultural context to philanthropy. Come join in, I did!

Their main mission is "Championing the selfless acts of others." And it's all made possible from generous funding from the Annenberg Foundation. Explore is able to help these selfless leaders to continue and grow their work.

For the explore team, being able to travel the world and meet these fantastic leaders of change has got to be a great job!

Hey Charlie, do you need an assistant?? My passport is ready!

Here's one of the films I just loved about Wild Dolphins:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Swat teams and climate change go hand in hand

I happened upon a new program last night called "Stossel" on Fox and was interested that had his own show so even though I do not normally consider Fox newsworthy, I've always like John Stossel's "Gimme a Break" reporting. So, I watched.

Interesting topic on the climate crisis and how Crony-Capitalism is turning environmental engineers into little dictators working in the energy department and/or field. The part of this report I was mainly interested in was the inappropriate relationships with companies profiting from the climate crisis.

Stossel played a clip of Cathy Zoi, at the US DOE, Weatherization Dpt, where she states that "swat teams go into neighborhoods and they RETRO-FIT every single house and every single business on main street." I found the video where the entire statement was included and found only that the words "military and mobilzation" were excluded. YIKES! Even Stossel tried to tone it down a bit. That's rare for Fox.
Here's the clip:

The video also includes a statement from Lara Hansen. As Lara Hansen points out that if we can start a war in Iraq without any delay, then why can't they use that sort of "fiat authority to say we're gonna make this happen" to enact this?

I think my chin has been bruised! It fell to the floor when I saw these environmental advocates speaking of dictator-style enforcement of their causes (and companies profiting from this ie: Kathy Zoi's husband, VP of the Biden endorsed window manufacturer, Serious Materials).

What about these Eco-Swat-Teams coming to my door? If I don't pay for the new windows and solar panels they'll lien my house and kick me out? Sadly, this has happened before, only without the 'swat' uniforms. Many Cape Coral, Fl homes' septics and wells worked just fine before they were forced to hook up and pay each month to be on their service and assessed $20,000 or more.

In a town I used to live in, Copperopolis, California, it was on the county's agenda to consider a similar measure to cut off all septic tank permits and to charge everyone to hook up to the city sewer just like in Cape Coral, Fl. I found that not only would the county be awarded a large federal grant for this "health emergency", but that everyone would be assessed the fees to hook up as well as the distance of land from house to road, which is measured by the ACRE in this town. They eventually dropped it from the small county's opposition and even got the person fired who started the whole thing.

A small community can stand up for their rights but a small city can't, or won't. Why? My opinion is that they aren't 'as' corrupt. I saw many citizens of Cape Coral at the town hall meetings and had quite a loud voice, loud enough to enlist security measures, but it didn't change much. Just the timeline. Today, in the news, they're talking again about the 1,000 home limit on septics in the NW Cape, near Ceitus and Pine Island Rd. Here we go again.

What to do? What to do?
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