Friday, January 15, 2010

Swat teams and climate change go hand in hand

I happened upon a new program last night called "Stossel" on Fox and was interested that had his own show so even though I do not normally consider Fox newsworthy, I've always like John Stossel's "Gimme a Break" reporting. So, I watched.

Interesting topic on the climate crisis and how Crony-Capitalism is turning environmental engineers into little dictators working in the energy department and/or field. The part of this report I was mainly interested in was the inappropriate relationships with companies profiting from the climate crisis.

Stossel played a clip of Cathy Zoi, at the US DOE, Weatherization Dpt, where she states that "swat teams go into neighborhoods and they RETRO-FIT every single house and every single business on main street." I found the video where the entire statement was included and found only that the words "military and mobilzation" were excluded. YIKES! Even Stossel tried to tone it down a bit. That's rare for Fox.
Here's the clip:

The video also includes a statement from Lara Hansen. As Lara Hansen points out that if we can start a war in Iraq without any delay, then why can't they use that sort of "fiat authority to say we're gonna make this happen" to enact this?

I think my chin has been bruised! It fell to the floor when I saw these environmental advocates speaking of dictator-style enforcement of their causes (and companies profiting from this ie: Kathy Zoi's husband, VP of the Biden endorsed window manufacturer, Serious Materials).

What about these Eco-Swat-Teams coming to my door? If I don't pay for the new windows and solar panels they'll lien my house and kick me out? Sadly, this has happened before, only without the 'swat' uniforms. Many Cape Coral, Fl homes' septics and wells worked just fine before they were forced to hook up and pay each month to be on their service and assessed $20,000 or more.

In a town I used to live in, Copperopolis, California, it was on the county's agenda to consider a similar measure to cut off all septic tank permits and to charge everyone to hook up to the city sewer just like in Cape Coral, Fl. I found that not only would the county be awarded a large federal grant for this "health emergency", but that everyone would be assessed the fees to hook up as well as the distance of land from house to road, which is measured by the ACRE in this town. They eventually dropped it from the small county's opposition and even got the person fired who started the whole thing.

A small community can stand up for their rights but a small city can't, or won't. Why? My opinion is that they aren't 'as' corrupt. I saw many citizens of Cape Coral at the town hall meetings and had quite a loud voice, loud enough to enlist security measures, but it didn't change much. Just the timeline. Today, in the news, they're talking again about the 1,000 home limit on septics in the NW Cape, near Ceitus and Pine Island Rd. Here we go again.

What to do? What to do?
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