Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Championing The Selfless Acts of Others

I've always been a fan of documentary films because they're full of information that we just aren't getting much of these days. However beneficial for education they may be, they can be very long and sometimes a bit boring. Right?

But I was watching a short segment called "explore" on LinkTV the other night and this was a very different film! The film was entitled "No Child is Born A Terrorist" by filmmaker, storyteller and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten.

He calls himself an "archivist" who sets out on fact-finding missions to id

entify and document organizations for possible funding grants for these amazing community leaders. As I watched this short (20min) story unfold, I wasn't just being educated about an important issue, I was truly absorbed in the stories of the people and their plight. I really felt connected to them and wish them well. I no longer had wanted to watch what was on next, so I headed over to their website at to see more.

They have many different films, photos and interviews from these missions and they're all on the website to see anytime you want. The films are shorter than most (between 8 and 40 min) and they really connect you to those people and causes across the world. I think this is a great way to educate and inspire our "microwave generation" into action!

Both educational and inspirational, these films cover topics from animal rights, health and human rights, pover

ty, environment and more. The website is also an online community where people share, dialogue, and experience films and photography to bring cultural context to philanthropy. Come join in, I did!

Their main mission is "Championing the selfless acts of others." And it's all made possible from generous funding from the Annenberg Foundation. Explore is able to help these selfless leaders to continue and grow their work.

For the explore team, being able to travel the world and meet these fantastic leaders of change has got to be a great job!

Hey Charlie, do you need an assistant?? My passport is ready!

Here's one of the films I just loved about Wild Dolphins:

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