Friday, May 14, 2010

Neat Video About Bottled Water

What IS Bottled Water Anyway?

The subject of water quality has come up several times in the last few weeks and I thought it'd be great to share this video.

From the makers of the famous video "The Story of Stuff" comes another one called "The Story of Bottled Water"

I agree with most of what's in this, except the part about tap water being an overall favorite in taste tests. I personally don't feel that chlorine and fluoride taste good, not to mention the possible health implications.

What I think is most disturbing about bottled water is that these corporations, like coca cola and nestle are actually pumping the water into the bottles from reservoirs in our own back yards and then selling it back to us at 10,000 times the price as our tap water would cost!

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  1. I actually really like tap water- when it's well water... but we filter our city water in Halifax.

    great share! :)


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