Thursday, December 30, 2010

Books Boxes and Drawers Are Out - Recipes Go Online Now

So, your Aunt Alice is dying to know where you learned to make this fantastic pumpkin roll cake you made and is begging for the recipe! Only one problem... you can't find it. A month later, viola! There it is, stuck to the back of the prime rib recipe you made on the same day!

Has this ever happened to you? Does your recipe box look like it was used as a trash bin? Wrinkled and stained pieces of paper with grandma's writing. Some stuck together and completely illegible? Well, even though those are signs of a well-loved recipe, it sure is irritating when trying to find it! And instead of dealing with "the drawer" I usually end up searching for it online.

Ok, it just dawned on me that I could add my drawer of recipes to my online recipe box this way without ever having to type it in! So, in about five minutes I've added over 20 recipes without doing the data entry myself. Efficiency is in my dna!

About 9 out of 10 times I'm end up at and search for the title of what I'm looking for. Then, I look for the one with the highest ratings and take a look. If it's anything that's close to what mine looked like, I'll take it! I just add it to my recipe box online and keep it there. How great is that? Oh, and when I actually make a recipe, I look in the comments under it. It's like having a consumer reports for recipes! Tons of reviews from real people making them and posting their 'tweaks' if any, that changed it for the better.
There I go gettin' all giddy about organizing and creating shortcuts again! My family says I'm a little crazy about it, but you know what? They enjoy the feng shui of it as much as I do! ohhmmmmmm

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