Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Re-Resolution: Muffin Top Meltdown

orget all those attempted, and possibly failed, new year's resolutions from last year and begin anew. Hopefully, "trying" to fulfill a resolution is where the problems begin. Don't try to reach a goal, act as if you've already attained it and go from there. I don't believe that if you "believe you can achieve", I believe in "fake it till ya make it!" So, if you don't see any difference in those two statements, pick the one you like better. ;D

It's a cliché for sure, but losing weight and better health overall is one of the big ones. Although, google reports that it was "how old is Dick Clark" as one of the top 10!

My resolution is the same one as last year but this year I'm not going to "try", I'm going to "do"! After having seen the documentary "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" and learning about vitamin B17 from Edward Griffin, I'm getting an education is what's missing and what my body actually needs.

For example. I'm learning more about the synergy of nutrients in foods and how you just can't take a particular vitamin or enzyme out of, let's say an apple, and expect it to work the same way as eating that entire apple, including the seeds. So, eating more whole, raw foods is a big one on my list. It'll be even more important to grow my own since the latest power grab of agra biz now has control of just about everything that goes into our mouths. Until I can get a big enough garden going, I'll just shop at my favorite organic market. Here, it's the Fresh Market in Fort Myers. Even SweetBay's newest store in Cape Coral has a good variety of organic veggies.

I've tried many vegan (not completely raw) recipes this past year and some are really awesome and a few were really nasty! I don't like couscous in bland recipes, but it's good with a spicy Indian dish. I also found out that baking sliced tofu marinated with liquid smoke makes a great grilled panini with other veggies on it.

So, today begins the detox from the holidays and the removal of my new muffin top I've acquired over the last two months!

I think I'll start with this:

Looks good doesn't it?! (I'll let you know)

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