Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ani Phyo's Custard Tarts Recipe Adventure!

I said I'd do this ... so here it goes!

Here's a recipe from the raw food conversion expert, Ani Phyo that looked worth trying. She shared this recipe on her webpage for free and on the tv show "View from the Bay" which is on her website too. It looked sooo good! I just had to try.

So, today we're visiting family and I thought I'd bring them this obviously decadent dessert to try out. There weren't any problems with the recipe, it was very easy. I used a mini-muffin pan with plastic wrap underneath to form the crust. Used a knife to drop the topping on and used a raspberry on top. The only thing I thought was missing was a mint leaf.

They came out so pretty!

Time to put 'em to the test....

I called in the boys.

My oldest, the bravest when it comes to these new recipes, tried it first.

After a crinkle in his nose, he threw another raspberry in the "chase" it! He said, "It was half ok, it really wanted to be whole ok, but it was just half." He didn't ask for another one.

My youngest, went for it because it looked so good. But, within five or six good chews, ran to the kitchen. Then he ate a handful of raspberries. Well, so much for that opinion.

I liked that it wasn't too sweet, but it was too oily. The fats from all those nuts really coats your pallet. I too ate a handful of raspberries afterwards.

Hubby popped one in and said the same thing I did. As well as, it needed butter, sugar and a mint leaf. He's just not grasped the "raw food" concept yet.

I won't be trying these again. It's one of those recipes that I was encouraged to try, but again it's a conversion-type recipe that looks like one thing, but tastes like another.

Oh, and I did grab a picture this time. They sure are photogenic!

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