Saturday, May 21, 2011

Raw Food Recipes: Failure to Convert?

Why do Raw Food Recipes always try to convert people from hamburgers or lasagna?

It can't work! (ok, I you know I'm talking about myself here)

Your eyes are fooled into thinking you're going to get a beefy, greasy, sloppy Joe right? But, noooooo.... you're about to get a surprise! Not even close to what you thought you'd get.

And take the Lasagna example. Looks like pasta, cheese, meat and sauce. But it's nuts, nuts, nuts with probiotics (to taste like souring cheese), and tomatoes. Eeeeww!

So, why bother trying to convert a meal meant for meat eaters into a raw food diet?

The reasons for me converting to a raw or mostly vegan lifestyle was for health. I want to eat lighter, cleaner, more nutritious, natural foods and get away from the typical western diet. I thought that was the same for all raw or vegans, but I guess not.

So, having a taste (and sometimes a ferocious craving) for those western foods, I certainly don't want to try and make those recipes "look" like the stuff I'm trying to get away from.

I'm actually less worried about how it'll taste (compared to the real thing) as I am worried that it'll trigger old habits and cause me to fall off my wagon!

That being said, I really, REALLY enjoy eating new recipes of new fruits, vegetables and combinations for juicing that I've never had before now. I am slowly replacing my old favorites with new favorites!

Today's lunch, a rice wrapped salad with sprouted beans, zucchini hummus and ginger dressing!


There's just no western diet comparison!!!

Too bad I ate it before taking a photo! (Next time)

Well, tomorrow I'm making Ani Phyo's custard tartlettes. I'll try to post a pic before they're all gone!


  1. Ohh, I totally agree with you here. Andrew and I went to a Vegan resto in montreal, and I thought it was a little silly to even have a "vegan burger". I mean, he was expecting it to taste like a burger cuz it looked like one, but of course it did not. Why even bother?

    Btw, thanks so much for your comment and stopping by my blog!! :)

  2. Sure thing Lisa!

    I think maybe these recipes are a way to sell books, but not a good way to convert people to eating sustainable food.

    In fact, I think it sends people who would be easily converted, running off like a bat out of hell! LOL!

    I hope they would give it another chance.


  3. Yes, it's the same argument I've had with vegetarians over meat analogues. Why a tofu dog? Just skip it and be happy with the tasty food you can enjoy without trying to make it something that was never intended in the first place. (Hot dogs...eww)


  4. xysea: i agree.... and hot dogs .... ewww!


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