Thursday, May 10, 2012

Craisinookies ... Breakfast of Champions!

I was in the mood to try another Raw Food dessert recipe that I could use as sort of a breakfast replacement when we're in a rush in the mornings.

I decided on the cranberry scones recipe in the Raw Family Signature Dishes book by Victoria Boutenko. Her's looked more "fluffy" and more cake-like in texture. It's got plenty of nutrition to keep those hunger pangs away until the next meal and they looked really good, so here I go!

I started with the dry ingredients of walnuts and flaxseeds. I actually had a little too much walnut, but I didn't think it would matter too much. I used the food processor and it worked great on the walnuts, but for the flaxseeds I used my magic bullet with the flat blades for grinding. This step went pretty quick.

Next, the wet ingredients. I chose red apples, carrots, dried cranberries instead of fresh and raisins and put them all together in the processor with the s blade.

Put it all together with the agave and lemon juice and shaped them onto the dehydrator sheets. I made mine look like little triangles instead of a ball because I figured they'd turn out a bit dense instead of cake-like. I put them on 105 for the next 18 hours.

These turned out to be very good cookies! Especially, once I added my ground coconut with a little stevia on top! Now they're cookies, and I'd say they take on the personality of a fruit bar. Very tasty!

Just like some other Raw Food Recipes I've tried, this one is unique and can't even come close to a traditional scone. I still have a problem trying to call these 'converting' recipes when they just might make someone run the other way! I think they should be called Craisinookies!

It's a very good cookie and I left mine a bit soft but if you like them crunchy, let them dry longer. It also made a lot more cookies so I put some in the freezer.

And if you're wondering if they still fulfilled my desire to be a breakfast substitute... yes! These make a great breakfast bars, but I still made my green juice to go with it!

Happy Converting!

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