Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's so bad about Eco friendly fabric softener and dryer sheets?

My interest was peaked from reading an article from Natural News about nasty chemicals in these products. I figured that I was smarter than the average Jo (hehe) for buying the Free and Clear, unscented (I know allllll about phthalates! yes those are bad!) but when the article mentioned that these were being marketed as eco friendly fabric softeners, I just had to check it out.
ecofriendly dryer sheet ingredients
So, the first thing I did of course, was to grab my box of Snuggle Free and Clear fabric softener sheets and look at the ingredients. 
Well, not much help there! 

Next, I went to the Sun Products Corp website to download their ingredient list. At least I found an ingredients list! And, it only had four items. First one, I knew. Second and third, fatty acids, fourth, more commonly found on batteries when they've sat in an electronic device too long. (You know, that white stuff that forms at the ends?)

I won't bore you with bulleted lists and molecular breakdowns of strains, etc. But when all my investigative reading on reports of human impact on these ingredients was done, nothing stood out more to me than the Potassium Hydroxide (from the batteries).

Potassium Hydroxide isn't really that bad for you in it's dryer sheet form. But it was the fact that it's main function (when mixed with the other ingredients) is to break down the structure of the fabric. Of course, images of lint screens and dust in my laundry room flashed in my head as to why our socks get thinner and thinner each time they're washed, or actually dried.

My friends in Germany are always saying that drying your clothes in the dryer is bad for them because it makes them shrink and fall apart, besides hanging them on the line to dry is better for the environment. Looks like they scored the points for this one.

However, when your water is so hard that the socks from the line can stand by themselves, it's hard for me to separate myself from my dryer, or my dryer sheets for that matter. These eco friendly Free and Clear ones seem to be ok for me. I've done one more thing for the planet too, I've moved to a warmed climate and therefore, don't need socks in my sandals! That's something we teach Germans NOT to do when they come to Florida! LOL It's all in fun! ;D

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